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Aventurando-se in WRF 2013 – A difference experience


This’ll be a different post. Obviously, you already noticed why: I’m writing in English. There’re reasons for that, and they’ll be presented in the next lines.

But even in a different language, this post will follow the past reviews: this’ll be a personal post. It isn’t an event review, but a journey memory. To share with friends, and curious people.

This year the “Comitiva do Mago Manco” wasn’t completed. Our beloved cyborg stayed at home, as well as our Freakzoid and Nimbus, the “nail-man”.

Actually, those who went there weren’t even reunited until the very end of Sunday. At this time, we had our glorious moments together. But, as with most of the stories, I’ll start telling you about the beginning…


São Paulo, July 26th, 2013 – 18h30

I met my friend Dario in Sta. Cruz shopping mall, and we stayed there chatting for a couple of hours. It was great to wear a huge backpack and speak english again. We talked a lot, and after some minutes, I lost a bet. Yes, a bet. Some mischievous polish tricks were used against me, and I couldn’t avoid loosing it…

Anyway, at 20:00 my friend Franz (Falco, from the War in the North Chronicles) called me, and we finally met him and his friend Leandro. We’d go to Curitiba by car, and our trip should take around 5 or 6 hours. Hahahaha

We talked a lot about nerd stuff – RPG, Wheel of time, Tolkien, movies, Brazil, Poland, Finland, and after what seems hours, we finally left… São Paulo city!!! \o/

That’d be a long journey…

We had a lot of traffic, and we took hours to approach São Paulo – Paraná border. We were stuck in a line for almost one hour (first car accident of the night), but we’re happy that it wasn’t us who crush the car.

So we talked, talked and talked as long as we could. And, suddenly, it was time to do another bet. After Dario and I shaked hands, we had around 20 seconds until she lost the best. In the most honestly way possible. Pfffffff, that was too fast, and we (mostly me) laughed for a long time. Cool :D

So, around midnight (hey, we should be approaching Curitiba by now!), my friend Guilherme called me saying that there was another accident ahead in the road. What’s wrong with the drivers?!?!?!!

We’re approaching Cananeia, and I told the people in the car about Ilha do Cardoso wonders. Unfortunately I was only taking seriously by Daria (showing that she had some wisdom after all), so we kept going to Curitiba. Everything was going well, until 2:00 a.m., when we saw hundreds of cars not moving in the road. KURWA!!!

We stopped and after some minutes we got out of the car. The sky was clear and we had a great chilly night. We stretched our legs, and them our driver earned our eternal friendship: “Hey guys, do you want some cachaça?”

We drank together (everyone but Leandro, of course), and the chilly night suddenly got warmer. So we sang, laughed and jumped together around the car (why not?), and when Dario and I went to break into a dark cottage by the road, the cars started to move. Such a pity…

In the end we reached Curitiba at 5:00 a.m. (9 hours trip), and there we met Guilherme, Paulo and Ola (whom had had a 13 hours trip from São Paulo by bus). Of course everybody was happy and really energetic at that time, so we finally went to our respective beds to get some rest…

Guilherme was kind enough to left me in my hostel, and when I reached there, everybody was sleeping. So I just throwed my body and slept as a stone until…

Curitiba, July 27th, 2013 – 09:00

… my friends wake up.

It has passed some time since I’ve met Jão, Du, Encho, Alan, Bone and Rocha for the last time. So, of course I was presented to the new gossips, new RPG projects and general news right away. It was so funny to hear from that guys again that I almost got up and went to WRF with them without proper sleeping. But I had friends to meet on that Saturday, and I really needed to sleep more than 3 hours, so I refused the invitations and dove under the blankets once again.

At 11:00 a.m. I woke up, and after a shower, I was ready to rock! Guilherme picked me up, and while we’re going to meet Dario and the couple, I was calling their phones and… nothing happened. We’re already friends for some time, so I knew that the lazy polish (and Paulo) were still asleep. So, once we knocked the door and no one answered, we finally open it and went to the rooms. There I found a huge pile of blankets:

Can you find a polish hidden there?

Can you find a polish hidden there?

After waking up our friends, we had a breakfast with coffee, tea and snacks. We were planning to go to a park around 13:00, but we only left the apartment around 16:00 in the end!

It was cold, but the sun was shining, and we headed to Barigui park, which was completely crowded. We gave up and went to Tanguá park, the one which me and Gonça took pictures posing as Saruman in Orthanc last year. The sunset was really beautiful there, and we poke, ran and had some fun until Darioszka realized she lost her earring.

We left the park wanting some food, and while Dario was moaning, we went to one of the best places in Curitiba: Durigan’s cellar!

There they had the best wine ever, and after buying a dozen bottles, we needed food. A lot of food. So, as we’re in South region, we chose the best place we could: steak house \o/

I hadn’t been to a steak house since before Finland, so to go there again was like a trip to a temple. I ate like someone who lived in Finland for seven months (makkara :/), and after a hour, Gonça and Gi arrived.

The others left to take baths and so on, so our trio kept talking and planning the next hours. Gonça told me that I would have a breath-taking surprise when I finally go to the event… and that only made me more excited to go there, but for tonight, we were planning to go to a chill out meeting.
After a quick stop in the hostel, I grabbed my stuff and me, Dario, Ola, Paulo, Gi and Gonça and Guilherme went to his apartment, where he left us there and went to play WoW at his house. There we drank Curitiba’s wine (God’s liqueur), played Prawo Dżungli and Truco!!

Night was really awesome, and my dwarf friend showed us that he knew more English than we all imagined. When it was close to 2 am we decided to sleep, so Summerfell heroes went back to their hotel and we went to our beds (I was like a zombie at that time).

World RPG Fest, July 28th, Curitiba, 13:00

We were all there, and after some fun spelling our friends’ names to the staff, we entered WRF. Stands, nerds everywhere, funny T-Shirts, and… friends!!! :D

After saying hello to some of them, I went to met Ludmila, Jairo’s wife. And, then, I got the surprise.

Sometimes it’s hard to put some feeling and sensations into words.

Love, death, victory, defeat, friendship…

I was speechless, and not for the last time during that day. You can see in the picture why I was like this:


All the effort, all the nights without proper sleeping while I was writing in the blog… all of that, compensated by a single gesture :)

Amazing, just amazing.

I was already feeling that well-known sensation: “I’m at home”. That was my place, and those around me were my kinsmen. That crazy kind of relatives whom sometimes embarrass you, but you like the in the same way :)

But, as we we’re in a RPG event, we should play RPG, riiiight?

So we gathered with Jão, and he arranged everything to play Dungeon World in english! Jão is  a great DM, and he got some character sheets in English, so it was pretty easy to Dario and Ola play.

DW is an incredible game, and Jão is one of the most creative guys I know, so you can imagine how the game was.

We were prisoners in a mine, and after an earthquake, we got our chance to escape. Our “group” then adventured into the tunnels, and I was a Halfling rogue who used a bucket tied into a rope as a weapon! Iuuuupiiiiii!!!

It was really fun to smash my foes (and sometimes friends) faces with that, but after some minutes my character died! Fuck, that was fast! hahaha

I late discovered that I calculated wrongly the amount of health points we should have, but, anyway, some evil plant killed my Halfling, and then I could watch my friends developing the story. We had a loyal paladin, and evil wizard, a ranger with a cool parrot and a Halfling fighter (my sister!) playing, and it was really funny to watch this lame group trying to survive there. Orcs, plants, traps, evil wizards… we had everything a dungeon could offer. Oh yeah, skeletons, of course!

As an outsider, it was really nice to notice how Dungeon World bonds between characters push the story forward. And the end of our story was quite crazy! Meeting the wizard who kept us locked working in the mine, the “group” faced the final Dungeon boss. Dario’s wizard had to made some choices, either choose to help the wizard to conquer the world, and be his lover, or try to fight against him and risk her life.

Well, one does not simply walk into a wizard’s dungeon and stay alive and happy, so the only survivor of that madness was the Halfling fighter. Even Chico, the ranger’s parrot died by the evil fists of an orc :/

It was a good one shot session, and I think everyone enjoyed it. I really like DW, so I bought the book for myself later :D

So, after the RPG session, we walked around and did some shopping. I bought Howl’s Moving Castle made of papercraft *_* – still will have to build it myself, and “Malditos Goblins!”, and the others bought other nerd stuff.

One does not simply walk into a RPG event with money in the pockets!

So, when the event was almost over, we decided to celebrate it in a proper way: in a bar!

We headed to “Bar do Alemão” – Siliane’s suggestion, and we ordered some submarines there, with some food, of course.

For my absolute and complete happiness, Mieko and Markus – great friends I knew from Oulu and whom I haven’t met after I came back here, went to the bar to join us!!! :D :D :D

Jão came with Melissa (now his girlfriend \o/), and then, when I looked around me, I had half of the table of friends I made from my “previous life”,  and half of friends I met in the other side of the planet.

The older ones – those only I know how much I miss while I was in the land of dark and cold, and the new ones – those I recent met and, even for a short period of time, already shared great adventures.

It was the best of two worlds, and it meant a lot to me.

On the top of it, Gonça’s birthday was in the next Tuesday, and after singing “Parabéns pra você” to him, I received some presents from him and Gi. Whaaaaat??? Shouldn’t be the opposite way around?

“To honor our friendship”, they said.

My eyes started to get wet, and I needed help from someone. Sili came to myself, and I know I could trust her. She always had been my partner!

“Here, I made the autograph you asked”

She wrote a lot of kind words for me in a book…

Damn! What has happening with the world??

I sit and did my best to stand still.

Then Mieko and Markus started to stare at me. And when I looked back, I started to remember everything those guys went through to be together, and everything we all went through. Every friend we made, every SO PRECIOUS moment we had…

And while I was feeling my cheeks get wet, I realized I was living one of that moments. “Best of two worlds”. The best of life – the best of it.

Can’t avoid being too sentimental, but I really wish to thank those amazing people who were there. Not only in the last night, but those who were there since the beginning of the journey. Curitiba has some magic beneath it, every time I went there I feel amazed.

Thank you so much for making those days another unforgettable experience!

And I hope to see each one of you many times yet.
We still need to have a lot of weird and interesting experiences together ;)


Best platypuses ever

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  1. m4lk1e permalink
    03/10/2013 13:16

    It was a great story, that could turn a ballad someday. Maybe, if i weren’t a cyborg (as you and the others insist), I’ve spared some tears after reading your journey…

    Unfornately, I couldn’t go in there this year – in a place where fate united us all, the Mago Manco’s followers. But I NEED to see you guys again (and know the Jão’s girlfriend, of course), even for a night at a bar, where words and beers will flow from (and) us.

    In next year, Arroio do Silva or BUST! \m/

  2. gerbur12 permalink
    03/10/2013 17:53

    Rock’n Roll!!!!!!

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