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Monte Cook retorna à Wizards!


Para alegria geral da nação, venho compartilhar a notícia que Monte Cook, um dos melhores autores de fantasia medieval de RPG, voltou a trabalhar na Wizards (companhia que produz o Rpg mais popular do mundo, o Dungeons and Dragons).

Pra quem conhece os trabalhos desse autor, sabe que só boas coisas nascerão desse recomeço.

Ele escreverá na coluna “Legends and Lore” do site da Wizards, e quem sabe produzirá algo pro novo sistema 4.0 (espero profundamente que sim).

Aqui o trecho original da notícia, escrito por Mike Mearls, antigo colaborador do “L and L”:

And Now for Some Exciting News

“It’s funny to look back and realize that I’ve written this column once a week for over eight months. Alas, as with all things, it’s time for my involvement with this column to end. However, that does not mean that Legends & Lore is going away. We’ve been very happy with the response to the series, the interest it has created, and the feedback we’ve received.

Starting next week, I’m turning this column over to acclaimed game designer Monte Cook. Monte should be familiar to D&D fans for his work on the Planescape campaign setting, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Arcana Unearthed, the mammoth Ptolus city sourcebook, and, of course, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.

I’ve spent the past several months talking about D&D’s past and how that relates to its future. It’s now time to focus much more on the future of the game. Monte has an unmatched design pedigree in the RPG field, and for that reason we’ve brought him on board to work with R&D in making D&D the greatest RPG the world has seen. Over the next few weeks, Monte will use this column to share his thoughts about the game. As we look to chart D&D’s future course, this column will continue to be a place where we share our ideas and listen to yours, and we hope you’ll keep reading, discussing the contents, and sharing your feedback and thoughts with us and the larger D&D community. That’s what makes Legends & Lore a conversation that we can all participate in.”

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